Miavy Systems
Software development & consulting
Finely crafted
At Miavy Systems we take the time to better understand your needs so that your required apps or websites feel like a natural extension to your existing workflow
We are experienced in creating responsive websites, native apps for MacOS as well as iPhone apps which helps us to perfectly tailor your solution to your needs.
Award Winning
Our founder and lead developer is a two time award winner from the United Nations for open source data visualization and analysis tools.
Making sense of data

From organizing your data for efficient search to creating compelling visualizations, we work with your data to help you make sense of chaos.

We understand the complexities involved in cleaning up and organizing data gathered from different sources before it can be made useful. We can help ensure that relevant information is always available to you through search capabilities which can be make available internally within your organization as well as to your customers.

Our custom developed visualizations allow you to tell a compelling story and present data in a concise manner. By taking the time to understand your requirements, we develop interactive visualizations to take your article, infographic or data report to a whole new level.

Native apps for iPhone and Mac

We develop native apps for the iPhone and Mac, which take full advantage of the device's capabilities.

Whether you need a simple app developed or the most complex, we provide our expertise through all stages by understanding your requirements, developing prototypes, and working with you all the way to getting your app on your user's device.

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