My Family Tree simplifies family tree creation to its basics. Using just a few basic operations you can chart your entire family tree.

Adding people to the tree

The first step you will take towards building any family tree would be to add people to it. The first button in the toolbar adds an unnamed person to the family tree. Since the person is not yet connected to anyone else, they will be able to float around on the canvas.

Editing information for a person

My Family Tree allows users to add the following information for any person

All information is optional and you can have people in the tree with absolutely no information about them at all. Once you decide to add or edit the data for a person, simply click on them, and enter their information in the list of people at the right of the screen.

Linking people

Linking people together allows you to grow your tree, and assigns a generation to the linked persons.
Once linked, a person will only be able to move horizontally; it's vertical location is fixed by the app with other people in the same generation.
Linking is done by dragging connector handles from one person to another.

The connector handles at the sides of a person, allows you to specify that two people are partners.
For e.g. If you have two people, John and Susan on your canvas and you want to indicate that John and Susan are in a relationship, click on either of the side handles and drag your mouse from John to Susan (or the other way around) and they will be linked together on the same level of the tree.

The connector handle at the bottom of a person is used to link it to their children.
Creating a link between parent and child is similar to creating a link between partners, with one major difference, you must drag the mouse from parent to child, and not the other way around.
So, if John is the father of Ellie, drag the bottom connector from John to Ellie.
This must be done from each parent or a single parent as per the relationship.

Deleting information

To remove a person from the tree, simply click select them on the canvas and click the "Remove" button on the toolbar.
Similarly to remove a link between two people, click on the link to select and then click the remove button.

Sharing your family tree with friends and family

My Family Tree allows you to take PDF snapshots of the tree you created.
Click the 'PDF' button in the toolbar and the tree will be saved as a pdf file. This allows for easy sharing with friends and family.

Fixing tree layout

My Family Tree calculates the generation of every person and in the case of some complex trees this may cause a person to be placed in a different generation when a tree is reopened, compared to when it was saved.

This may result in changes to the layout of the tree. If you are unsatisfied with the new layout, closing the tree (without saving) and reopening it, should bring back the old layout by itself in a couple of tries.

If you would like help with any topic not covered here, feel free to contact us at [email protected]